by Christina Kyriazidi


“Stories in Berlin” is a 20m weekly english-language podcast that features undocumented stories from the city of Berlin.
It is created by Christina Kyriazidi, the founder of STORY FOR FOOD initiative, who tours Berlin to audio collect stories that otherwise would be lost.
It includes true stories, in the form of monologue or staged as radio drama, featuring Berlin based writers, activists, artists and bands, poetry and songs.
This podcast is about everyday stories that never make it to the news, inspiring narratives, moments of daily wisdom, tales of small incidents or big decisions that take place around us everyday in Berlin.
Get to know the charming city of Berlin through its stories and sounds.

eventof the month

#1 event | MAY 2019

4 May 2019 @19h

Innstr 4
12045 Berlin

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#2 event | JUNE 2019

Once a month, we host an event featuring some of the artist of the month podcast episodes.

In June 2019, we host a concert of “Pascal & The Shades” along with a photo exposition of the street photographer Antoine de Saint Phalle.

22 June 2019 @20h
Iandi Gastrobar
Lenaustraße 21
12047 Berlin

*** for everyone subscribing to the PODCAST that night, there will be free tote bags with our logo

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newe p i s o d e s

6 MAY 2019

The story behind the initiative STORY FOR FOOD (SFF), told by its founder Christina Kyriazidi, accompanied by a couple of stories from the SFF audio archive

13 MAY 2019
#2 Whatever Paloma wants

The story of the Andalusian artist Paloma Lirola. Songwriter, singer and comedy artist, Paloma shares her love story with Berlin and how it is manifested through her music and her comedy characters and gives us a taste of how artists survive in Berlin.

20 MAY 2019
#3 Eternity and a bike

Berlin’s bike counter-culture through the eyes of a British expat who loves bikes and dreams to create his own bike tea shop one day in the German capital.

27 MAY 2019
#4 The man who paints silent films

The story of the German/Austrian music composer Gregor Graciano, who tours Berlin cinemas and cafes, accompanying silent films with his music improvisations

3 JUNE 2019
#5 The Urge of Being

The story behind the theatre technique “The Urge of Being” by the biotechnologist and theatre maker Daniela Marcozzi, who discusses the dialogue between urgencies, impulses, necessities, emotions and feelings.

10 JUNE 2019
#6 The decisive instant and Instagram

The story of the French street photographer Antoine de Saint Phalle, who goes around the streets of Berlin looking for “l’instant decisive”, the decisive moment to capture a photograph, as a counter to the frenzy of Instagram.

17 JUNE 2019
#7 Books Without Covers

The story of the Berlin reading series BOOKS WITHOUT COVERS (BWC), told by its founder Susann Hochgräf. BWC is a quarterly reading series in Berlin for German and English literature, that shifts the focus from cover to content, concentrating on texts rather than on biographies and blurbs.

24 JUNE 2019
#8 Pascal & his shades

The story of young songwriter and guitarist, Pascal Kalogeroudis, who like many young musicians moved to Berlin to escape the economical crisis of his country and make it to the music scene of the city. Berlin through the eyes and songs of Pascal and his shades.

8 JULY 2019
#9 Francesco and Nasov in Berlin

The story of Francesco, who also goes by the name of Nasov :
Italian singer and songwriter, host of one of the most beautiful open song mics of the city, he is also a street food businessman. He shares his experience of setting up a business in Berlin and of the indie music scene of the city.


t r a i l e rs

#2 Whatever Paloma wants
#3 Eternity and a bike
#4 The man who paints silent films
#5 The Urge of Being
#6 The decisive instant and Instagram
#7 Books Without Covers
#8 Pascal & his shades
#9 Francesco and Nasov in Berlin



Christina Kyriazidi is a Berlin-based cultural entrepreneur, theatre maker, musician and radio producer, as well as the founder of the L A B (Laboratory Actors Berlin) and STORY FOR FOOD initiatives.
She was formed as an actress and playwright in Greece and the UK [University of Exeter] and she has worked so far, as an actress and dramaturge, in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Argentina and Brazil.
She is also an accordionist, composer and songwriter.
In 2010, she founded in Berlin the international theatre group “Marinaio Teatro” and a year later, the itinerant theatre festival “KNOTS: Exchange Meeting of Theatre Groups” with editions so far in Berlin, Buenos Aires, La Paz and São Paolo.
She has given workshops as a theatre educator for adolescents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013, she founded in Berlin, the L A B [Laboratory Actors Berlin], a platform of training, research and creation for young actors.
As a playwright, she was awarded by the “Greek National Union of Writers” for her play “AUTUMN MEETING” (2002), while her play “FOREST UNDER THE SEA” (2013) was produced by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture in 2015, and toured in Brazil in 2016, through the award of “FUNARTE”. Her play “The Mutes” was selected as one of the 4 European plays on the theme of the European Crisis, for the “PIIGS Festival 2016 - Dramaturgia Sobre la Crisi” and published in Catalan by the above festival. Her plays have been produced so far, in Greece, Germany, Brazil and Spain.
With her initiative STORY FOR FOOD, she audio collects undocumented stories and runs several storytelling activities in the city of Berlin, two live monthly radio shows and the podcast “Stories in Berlin”.

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